Today, video projection systems in a church are no longer a luxury. We each live our lives in a very visual world. We have grown accustomed to hearing with our ears and seeing with our eyes and we rely on this heavily.


Video projection can be used to display current and upcoming events and related material often found on the church calendar or in the bulletin. By displaying Bible passages on the screen, confusion from different translations can be reduced. In addition, placing the words to songs, responsive readings, and Bible verses on the projection screen allows members to remove their reading glasses and keep their attention focused on the platform. (An interesting discovery we’ve made is the older the congregation, the greater benefit a projection system has.)


Many studies have been done which prove retention rate is increased by adding visuals to a spoken message.


  • The system should complement the architecture of the sanctuary
  • The projection system should provide an enhancement to the worship service rather than a distraction
  • The system should be a fixed installation and not portable
  • The viewing angles to the screens should be natural, comfortable and unobstructed
  • The projected images should be bright enough to view with the typical congregational and platform lighting turned on (and not dimmed)

All Church Sound provides:

  • Video System Analysis for Existing Rooms
  • Video System Design for Existing and New Construction
  • Video System Setup and Programming


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