Whenever a church is ready for a new sound system or upgrade they will always say; “We want a good sound system”. The problem with this statement is that there is no definitive explanation of what “good” is. It also does not specifically address the needs and wants of the ministry.

The purpose of a church sound reinforcement system is to make sound sources louder – so all can hear. It should:

  • Provide clear and natural reproduction of sound with no distortion
  • Be audibly transparent to the audience
  • Allow the audience to feel like they are listening to the person speaking or singing, not a sound system
  • Provide even coverage from seat-to-seat – at every seat. +/- 2dB
  • Provide an intelligibility Score +/- 2% of 92% in all seats
  • Be quiet (no hiss or hum)
  • Be stable (no feedback) when using microphones in a comfortable position
  • Not increase the reverberation time of the room
  • Be easy to operate with minimal instruction
  • Be budget conscious (both initially and maintenance)
  • Take into account future growth without replacement


All Church Sound provides:

  • Evaluations of Existing Sound Systems
  • Evaluations of Sound System Proposals (from others)
  • Sound System Design
  • Sound System Installation Support and Programming/Tuning


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