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New Years Resolutions

Blake Engel, All Church Sound

12 resolutions you should add this year. . .

This list could be hundreds of items long, but it's impossible to remember all those things! Here's a dozen things you can keep in mind each time you work with your technical team--things that are easy to do, yet mean so much.

  1. Work well together with fellow sound technicians. No one is right all of the time, and no one is wrong all of the time. Everyone is special and deserves to be heard and understood.
  2. Remain calm under all circumstances. (Even when the soloist shows up 10 minutes into the service and hands you a tape that's not cued.)
  3. Be responsible. Treat the church's equipment as if it could never be replaced or repaired.
  4. Be thankful. Thank those who work with you. Everyone's task is important; even the person who just brings fresh batteries for the wireless mics each week.
  5. Be patient. Not everyone can learn or understand concepts quickly. Sometimes it takes them time or hands-on experience before they understand.
  6. Assume people are competent. If they can't figure it out on their own, help them in a kind way--don't just take over. Otherwise, leave them alone unless they ask for help.
  7. Build and support in public, criticize in private.
  8. Share information. Let everyone know of new equipment, new methods, or new tasks to be done. Knowledge is power.
  9. Write a thank-you note to each member of the technical team.
  10. Play! That's right, play! Have fun together as a team.
  11. Pray together. Pray for needs of the church, personal needs of people on the team, etc. Do this each week with your team.
  12. Protect your team. When someone is unhappy with a technician, make sure you're there to keep everything positive. That is, make sure things don't get out of line. You don't want a simple mistake to cost you a member.