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Microphone Reminders
Microphones should always be handled with care. Treat them as though they’re made of glass. Never drop, throw, or hit them. Don’t stack things on top of them. Many people think they should test a microphone by tapping on it. Tapping subjects the microphone to high pressure levels which can destroy the delicate diaphragm inside. Blowing into a microphone subjects it to high humidity and can lodge “junk” into it. Just talk or sing into a microphone–don’t tap or blow into it.
Be Safe! Use extreme caution when using a microphone near a baptismal tank. If the microphone were to fall in and there was a faulty ground or other wiring condition, the people in the tank could be seriously injured or killed. Remind everyone not to touch the microphone when they’re in the baptismal tank. This is a similar condition to using a hairdrier in the bathtub.
The more microphones you have turned on, the less total gain, or volume, you’ll have. The only way to combat this law of physics is to move the microphone closer to the sound source it’s picking up.