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Here You'll find a wealth of information pertaining to church sound. Some of the articles we've written, some have been written by friends of ours. We hope you find them informative.


Church Sound System Equipment

Microphone Reminders
Microphone Basics
Assistive Listening Systems--What are they and who needs them?
Feedback Eliminators - Eliminating more than just feedback?
All Wrapped Up! How to wrap your cables so they don't tangle up
Is Speaker Placement Important?
Do-it-yourself Headset Mic!
Wireless Microphone Troubleshooting Richard Waller- Applications Engineering, Shure, Inc.
Connecting Keyboards (into your church sound system)
Automatic Mixers
Equalizer History & Why One is Better Than Another Ray Rayburn

Speakers & Amplifiers for Houses of Worship Seating Less than 1,000


Church Acoustics
Are You Sure You Want To Paint Those Bricks?
Jesus Knew and Used His Father's Laws of Physics
Church Sound & Acoustics Questionnaire 
What's "Acoustics"?
Distractions in the church sanctuary

Room Shape

The Speed of Sound

School Districts Spend to Ensure Good Acoustics
It's interesting to see how much priority goes to the classroom, but churches are still behind; they are either ignorant of the issues, or think it's not a big deal.

Audio & Acoustical Facts NEW!


Design Issues

Get The Controls Out of the Closet!
Speaker Fuses--Poor Insurance Rick Kamlet
The "Big 7" of Sound System Design Pat Brown (reprinted with permission, SAC)
Why the Big Delay? Jim Brown
Unbalanced or Balanced...HUH?
The Problems With Low Ceilings--Does your church have one?
Sound Systems or Acoustics - Which is more important?

Letter to Contractors construction requests


Working With People

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Run Sound Every Week
Vocalists Vs. Sound Mixer
Burnt to a Crisp
What's Your Purpose?
New Years Resolutions

Letter to the Pastor

Letter to the Music Minister

Letter to the Audio Team

Letter to the Finance Committee

Letter to the Deacon Board

Letter to the Musicians

Letter to the Congregation


How We Hear

Is It Loud Enough?
Fletcher-Munson Equal Loudness Curves
Frequency Chart

Training & Knowledge

Who Operates Your Church Sound System?
Knowing When You Need To Ask For Help
Training--Where'd you get yours?


Church Audio Crossword Puzzle


If A Tree Falls In The Forest... (Kurt Graffy, Arup Acoustics)
A Hard Question: Should Church Pews Be a Comfort Zone? (The Wall Street Journal)
Encyclopedia Definitions (well worth the effort to expand your understanding of acoustics & sound)
Do you remember how the first Sacred Tent was built? (Faith and Generosity)

Planning Better Church Buildings - a short review of this 1947 book NEW!

Book Quotes - more old books hold information relevent today... NEW!


Articles presented are not meant to be complete in their content, but a start for the novice or professional who's learning new material.